Facebook is Killing Pages With its Explore Feed: What Now??

Rumors have been getting louder about Facebook cutting organic reach of company pages by introducing a new feature called the: Explore Feed.

While posts of friends, groups, and paid ads will remain in the “normal” newsfeed, posts by pages will be banned to a new section of Facebook called the Explore Feed. So, you’ll have to switch over to a new feed to even see posts by pages you follow.

The algorithm change has already been implemented by facebook in 6 different countries: Slovakia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Serbia, Bolivia, and Guatemala.

The effects are immediate: Slovakia’s largest facebook pages have reported huge drops in organic reach.


It looks like the biggest losers will be SMEs and brands with small budgets. While the largest media companies have other ways of driving traffic to their pages, like through their website, newsletters or chatbots, smaller pages that have been banking on organic reach are taking the hit.

Facebook has been experimenting with the Explore Tab for quite some time but has now confirmed that it will roll out the feature globally over the next few months.

Page admins, it is time to look for new strategies.

Facebook Pages Quo Vadis — What now?

While people all over the world will be surprised by the sudden drop in engagement you can mitigate the effects it will have on your page by adopting new strategies.

Here are my top recommendations:

Implement a 🔥🔥 Facebook Ad Strategy

Paying for reach on facebook is not necessarily a bad thing if you know how to monetize your page. If set up correctly, facebook ads can have great ROI. Especially, if you already built a brand and have a product or service that makes you money you can leverage Facebook ads effectively. At that point every $$ spent in ads returns some more $$$ in revenue.

Leverage your Personal Brand

With the decline of company pages the value of your personal profile will go up again. Why not focus on content marketing and add your best leads or key influencers in your niche as friends on facebook? Many online personalities already leverage their personal profiles to build trust with their target audience. Time to stop hiding behind your company logo: personal relationships sell.

Start a Facebook Group

Just a few months ago Mark Zuckerberg announced a change in Facebook’s mission statement.

While for the last few years Facebook has dedicated itself to “connect people online” it is now focused on empowering people to not only connect but rather use the online world to build new communities and bring the world closer together.

Translated into features this means a focus on Facebook Groups. We have already seen Facebook Group posts getting a higher relevance score in global newsfeeds as the company pushes community building as its core mission.

So, instead of playing the short term game of promoting your product on your page it might be time to create an interest-based community for your niche that is all centered around value.

Posts by groups will remain in the “normal” newsfeed.

Build a Chatbot

Do you remember when Facebook separated its Messenger App from the “normal Facebook app” on your phone? People around the world have been crying out that they don’t want to download two separate apps. Anyways, that little change was the beginning of Facebook’s pushing for Messenger as its separate platform. Now, with the rise of Messenger bots it all makes even more sense. Your messenger inbox will become more like your email inbox in the early days with newsletters from your favorite brands showing up in the form of chatbots.

For the average brand, chatbots will be a way to have their audience subscribe to their content and instead of seeing it organically on their newsfeeds it will get delivered to their Messenger inbox.

Companies like Ease, NomadApp etc. have already jumped on this train.

Jump on Other Platforms

As online influencers like Gretta and Josh etc. have already proclaimed: 2018 will be the year of LinkedIn. As Facebook is cutting organic reach, LinkedIn is giving it out for free.

Of course, it is a different game on LinkedIn but it might be an interesting one to learn.

Leverage Your Email List

Marketers all over the world have been preaching “list-building” for the last few years and many of us didn’t understand why. Even though the value of traditional Newsletters has declined, email marketing is still highly effective; especially because you “own” your leads. People have been collecting emails because no matter what happens with algorithm changes on Social Media your email list is yours.

Now, more than ever it matters for brands to be able to reach their audiences differently. Can you drive them to your content through email? Can you reach them through Google? Can you make them buy from a call to action that you push to your list?

All of these ideas above are based on trends that have become more evident over the last few months. Now, with Facebook Algorithm change it seems clearer than ever that 2018 will be the year that brands will either act on these strategies or take the hit.

What’s your opinion? Any other strategies? Let me know in the comments below!

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