Sick of writing blogs nobody reads? Follow this process.

Everybody has a blog. Nobody has readers. Why? Probably your content just isn’t relevant enough. Blogs are one of the biggest mysteries to people in the online game (together with Email lists and facebook pages). You might ask yourself: “Is it only me that doesn’t get readers?” “Do I just have to be more patient?”

While I agree that patience, consistency, and quality are key there’s a simple hack that nobody wants to reveal: “Just work off of what’s already viral and learn by imitation.”

I’ve learned most of my blog writing by studying other writers’ content and trying to analyze their structure, angle, and distribution strategy.

Here’s my process:

Know your audience and have in mind what’s valuable to them. If you were them what would you look for? “Why XY started their company?” – probably not. Instead of talking about yourself focus on value for your audience. 

Once you know (or think you know) your audience test your assumptions and research which kind of content they like.

1. Go to type in your topic idea or competitor’s domain and see what comes up. (If you can’t afford buzzsumo and the free trial isn’t enough for you just google the title and research there or go directly to an industry specific publication like Inc. or Travel & Leisure and look for articles.)

2. Study the structure of these viral articles, their author, and distribution strategy.

For example: today I had an idea for a viral article about hidden gems in NYC for Hoverpin. So I went to Buzzsumo and looked at the most shared articles under that title.

3. Write a blog with similar structure or angle.

4. Copy paste it into and optimize it for readability.

6. Distribute your blog in a similar way as the articles you studied. Were they shared on facebook? Boost them to your target audience there. Were they shared by influencers? Reach out to influencers in that niche. Cross-post them on LinkedIn and Medium. Chop it up and make it a post on Imgur… In the end it’s 20% creation – 80% distribution.


Don’t try to re-invent the wheel if you want to grow fast. Study the best and find your own style through imitation.


Rockstar Marketing on a Startup Budget

Or: why Windows Movie maker and Powerpoint should be your best friends.

I just spent a full day trying to figure out Final Cut Pro and create a fancy intro for a client’s video.

He didn’t like it. Guess why? Every time he wants to create a quick video on the go he will depend on me and the program. I also checked out other online editing tools and alternatives… they all cost between 30USD and 70USD a month (too much if you’re on a shoestring startup budget and need to create content all the time).

We ended up doing it in a free app called Videoshop and Windows Movie Maker.

And it worked out JUST FINE. Rockstar results absolutely free.

There’s a lot you can learn from little teenage youtube stars. These 13 year old beauty queens with millions of subscribers. Do you think they started out producing their videos in Final Cut Pro and Photoshop? No, they amassed thousands of subscribers using the free tools they found on their mom’s laptop. Just look up “how I edit my videos using Windows Movie Maker”. You’ll be surprised how creative you can get just using free tools and apps.

That’s the mindset startups need to have, too. Money or expensive software won’t fix your problems. Chances are, until you have millions of subscribers free tools might do the job.

A lesson we’ve learned along the way:

Don’t move on to paid, fancy software until you’ve outgrown the free, basic tools you’ve got access to.

You might laugh but we create all our templates and whitepapers for Instagram in Google Slides. And I think I just fell in love with Windows Movie Maker. It’s free and gets the job done. I’d rather learn the workarounds to stretch the tool to do things that I need it to do than pay thousands of Dollars of our tight marketing budget on expensive software, for now.

Well, that’s it. I gotta go… watching some tutorials made by 13 year old beauty bloggers on how they create their videos in Windows Movie Maker.

And maybe you should do the same…

Snapchat won’t work for your business?? Watch this. Think again.

This is probably the most hilarious example of how a business can use snapchat to build a brand and drive conversion. The Met Opera snapchat story just cracked me up.

Thought you can’t use snapchat for your business?? Think again.

Big shoutout to whoever runs Met Opera’s snapchat. Follow them on snapchat “metopera” 💪❤🌎🚀

Three of the Biggest Mistakes Small Business Owners Make with their Online Marketing

#1 – Not Planning Content Marketing

When talking about Social Media there’s still a lot of confusion. It’s not about using all channels out there and just posting “something” every day. Having goals and a strategy in mind is essential. Firstly, one size doesn’t fit all. Just because Instagram makes sense for one business it doesn’t mean it’ll be a good fit for anybody. It’s also a matter of capacities. Sometimes it’s better to focus on one or two channels for the beginning and master those. Content is king – but especially for small businesses it can be a huge challenge to find this content. The best way is to plan out content in advance, schedule it in a content calendar and stick to a strategic plan.

#2 – Excessive Self-Promotion

It’s all about the customer. Excessive self-promotion is counter-productive in most cases. Social Media has made it easier to communicate with your customers. So use it! Talk to them, learn from them and try to add real value. Content marketing should always be custom-tailored to your customers’ interests and pain points. Add value – it’s gonna pay off.

#3 – Being Afraid of Video

By 2018 video will account for almost 80% of consumer Internet traffic. Engagement on video is about 5x that of standard banners or image ads. Facebook native videos should become your best friend. If not – you’re missing out