Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Cameron Highlands are one of Malaysia’s most well-known tourist destinations. The famous tea plantations lie high up in the mountains and make for a great weekend or day-trip.

We did it on a nice day-trip. Our friend Sjoerd from the Netherlands volunteered as he had a company car. It is difficult to get to Cameron Highlands by bus as it’s a quite strenuous, about 4-hour drive from KL, high up through curvy mountain roads. So we were glad about the offer.

We started our day with a hearty breakfast at our favorite café: Antipodean in Bangsar Village. It’s also the place where Nina and I had met Sjoerd for the first time by chance.

Then we made our way to the tea plantations and wound our way up into the highlands. At the first occasion, we had deliciously scented black tea and stunned at the impressive landscape. Later we took the tour through the beautiful visitor center of the Boh tea factory, tasting all kinds of teas and learning about the long history.

It’s mostly green and black tea; scented with all kinds of flavors.

I remember there were a couple of hikes and treks around but as we just stayed one day we didn’t have time and returned back to KL at night.

The endless tea plantations of Cameron Highlands in Malaysia, 2014.

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